in·i·ti·a·tive [ih-nish-uh-tiv]

The first step in a process, that, once taken, determines subsequent events.

The Basics -

We are building a truck based on traditional and contemporary motifs, concepts and design elements encompassing Pakistani cargo trucks. The basis of our project will be formatted around the visual aesthetic of the cargo trucks of Pakistan and the ideas that surround their intended purposes. We are building a cargo truck in the traditional Pakistani-style with a Midwest twist and a new function.

It's History -

The visual component of these vehicles create a hierarchal system of value and class; the more ornate and beautiful the truck is, the more valuable the goods they will be carrying. The tradition comes from the era of Raj in the olden days of real crafts and craftsmen. These vehicles take hordes of Pakistani craftsmen and many months to complete. Extreme detail is paid to every aspect of these trucks, from the trucks artistic paint job to the finely hand-carved wooden doors. This elaborate style stems back to the old style of palace decor employed during the Mogul Empire.

The Goal -

Our hope is to captivate everyone by our work and inspire them to investigate cultures outside of their everyday surroundings. We wish for this project to influence the understanding of social and cultural identities. When this truck arrives in a city, we will showcase the truck to its citizens and help build an interest in the project through literature and workshops. This truck may not physically reach every street corner, but we are confident its purpose will be spread through the publication of the project in many forms.

Our Method -

For this project we have selected a 1952 Chevrolet grain truck as a shell. This style of truck is distinctly American and has been a long-standing staple in the farming industry of the Midwest. We will be tasking Midwest fine artists and artisans with taking the basic format of the traditional Pakistani cargo truck and breeding it with an American aesthetic to create a completely original, functional and culturally mixed final product. The truck will be displayed as a piece of fine art and used as a tool for social and cultural enrichment. We intend to travel this truck from one coast to the other bringing a visual aesthetic not seen by the majority of the population, to teach sculptural workshops and bring awareness to people of the importance of cultural enrichment and understanding.